Mark Kommero (Cucu Zlice)

Started collecting underground electronic music at the age of 13 in 1982.
Old school hip hop, Electro, Boogie, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Punk, Ska, World,
Library, African, Carribean, Rare groove, Latin. While dj-ing for a breakdance
crew called "The B-Team" Made many edits (the old fashioned way) In 1988
left Holland to Travel the world and returned to The Netherlands end 1994.
Worked in a few Import dance stores in Amsterdam from 1995 till 2001.Did
alot of dj-ing. Set up a center for musicians to record and rehearse with it's
own recordstore allowing international dj's to comerecord digging before or
after their European gigs. This was from 2000 Now defunct. Then worked as
a manager at an anti squat center in Amsterdam (now known as "Het Sierraad") hosting spaces for artists and musicians organizing parties till 2006.
Worked at Studio 80 from 2008 - 2012. Celebrating 30 years of mixing this
year. Beware: Vinyl Junkie. Moved to Berlin the beginningof this year....

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